Foods: Not Safe for dogs

Although most of us take his pet dog as a family member, it is worth remembering that not always do what you love you, you should also indulge him. You should know where to choose quality food and conversely, that many common foods are dangerous for dogs. In this article you will learn about what kinds of foods are.

Caffeine (from coffee, coffee grounds, tea or teabags) stimulates the central nervous system and the vascular system and higher concentrations can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart palpitations, and in a few hours even death.

Macadamia nuts can cause weakness, tremors and paralysis. Symptoms are usually temporary.

Dairy products high in fat can cause bloating, diarrhea or even pancreatitis. Dairy products with low fat content are secure.

Nutmeg can cause tremors, convulsions and death.

Tomatoes contain Tomatin, which is similar to solanine (toxic alkaloid). But answer o he question can dogs eat tomatoes is different. When tomatoes ripen, quantity of Tomatinin them decreases. Therefore ripe tomatoes are less dangerous for the dog. Clinical symptoms of poisoning include lethargy, excessive salivation, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, mydriasis, seizures. For humans, other than fruit all parts tomato also toxic.

Tomatoes contain atropine, which may cause the dog mydriasis, tremor and cardiac arrhythmia. The highest concentrations of atropine contain stems and leaves.

Salt(in quantities) cause kidney problems. In dogs, administration salt diet causes excessive drinking water, which can result in large breeds cause bloating and consequently gastric torsion, which can be fatal for the dog as well.

Too many fat or fried foods can cause inflammation of the pancreas.

Ham and baconcontain a lot of fat and salt, which may result in inflammation of the pancreas. Subsequent drinking too much water in large breeds can lead to gastric torsion.

Raw liver or frequent administration of cooked liver (3 times per week), may result in toxicity of vitamin A. This has the effect of deformation of the bones, weight loss and anorexia. If the dog next to cooked liver served and tin, make sure that it does not contain a preservative and liver.

Fungi can cause abdominal pain, drooling, liver or kidney damage, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, coma or even death.

Raw egg whites of eggs containprotein avidin, which can lead to loss of B vitamins biotin for growth and good dog coat necessary. Yolks of raw eggs contain sufficient biotin, so that the entire raw egg from this perspective is not dangerous. Yolks of eggs may contain salmonella, so we have eggs from a reliable source, or is serving in the cooked state.

Cooked bones and bones from chicken during digestion may shatter and cause damage to the internal organs of the dog.

Walnuts If the dog eats walnut shells may get diarrhea and nausea. The real cause is a toxic mold that attacks the nuts when wet. Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, tremors, salivation, problems of coordination, lethargy, loss of appetite, yellowing of the eyes and gums. Affected dog may excrete bloody vomit or stool. It may take several days for symptoms to develop.

Administering proper diet can significantly extend the life of our beloved, or at least spare him unnecessary health complications resulting from the administration of inappropriate foods or treats.